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This website (, henceforth referred to as "site", sets forth all data and content that it hosts in the public domain with explicit permission for it's reuse, with the sole exception of three of the portrait photographs of Dr S. Srikanta Sastri, shot by the renowned portrait photographer K. G. Somashekhar. The copyright is held by the photographer. Hence downloading of these three photographs is prohibited and will incur legal action in suitable courts of law.

The site sets free in the public domain its content to the fullest extent covered under the creative commons license and encourages it’s reuse for the dissipation of knowledge with the hope that such reuse may not be directed towards exacting benefits of a monetary nature.  

The site expects no attribution to it, upon any of its content being used, either in a theatre of learning or in the nature of public distribution anywhere. If such attribution is provided, out of sheer good will, the site and its administrators welcome such a gesture.

The site is part of a non-profit venture in the name of Dr S. Srikanta Sastri established with the sole purpose of showcasing the eminent Indian historian’s works and making them accessible to the reading public.    

The site is sponsored and owned by the family members of Dr S. Srikanta Sastri. The sole surviving son of Dr S. Srikanta Sastri namely Prof S. Naganath – assumes full ownership of all the content and willingly sets free the said content in the public domain.

Some of the books and research articles were published more than fifty years ago. They are not available in print version. To help the community of scholars, research students and lovers of history, these articles and books are scanned and made available from time to time.

The administrators have no intention of earning any profits from the site.

The learned people from all over the world are free to visit and download the available articles and books free of cost.

The site administrators welcome all suggestions from the discerning public so as to improve the content of the site.These communications may be mailed to These will be duly replied to at the earliest.  

This site is devoted to propagation of Indian Culture, Philosophy & history. The site administrators intend to maintain a very high standard of scholarship pertaining to the topics in the site.

Gratitude is extended to "The Mythic Society", Bangalore for their co-operation in unearthing many of the older articles and manuscripts of Dr S. Srikanta Sastri from their archives.

Any and all queries, legal and otherwise, pertaining to the use and reuse of material hosted on the site is presumably addressed by the above list of legally crafted points. Should these points fail to suffice the expectations of the reader, then such a reader is most welcome to write to us for further clarification.

Reuse of site material on public online forums as free encyclopaedic content or otherwise is encouraged. Caution is advised, however, against extreme alteration of the primary source.

Any conflict of interest, legal or otherwise, bearing directly or indirectly to the issue of copyright violation shall first be mailed to the administrators at the above mentioned addresses. It is hoped that our goodwill is reciprocated with a warm reception and embrace of Dr S. Srikanta Sastri’s works by the discerning public.

This copyright agreement and “Terms and Conditions” document is in adherence to accepted national (Indian) and International intellectual property rights laws. Any and all conflicts arising in the nature of litigation shall only be addressed in the jurisdiction of competent Indian courts in the state of Karnataka and its capital Bangalore.

Further, the Creative Commons License to which the site alludes above is within the gambit of legal framework referred to in the previous paragraph.

The above Terms & Conditions have been evolved keeping in mind the spirit of "The Indian Copyright Act, 2013" (amended) and published by Government of India in its Gazette Notification dt. March 14, 2013.

The entire “Terms and Conditions” document shown here can be downloaded as a printer-friendly PDF document by clicking here.

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