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57. The Uttara Kasi Pillar Inscription of Guha - New Indian Antiquary, Vol III, No.1, April 1940

58. Two Grants of Kanthirava Raja of Mysore-Culture and heritage

59. "Constituent Assembly and Indian Federation" by Y.G.Krishnamurti, Introduction by S. Srikanta sastri

60. "Sankranthi: Sunworship Festival" (Kannada: Sankranti: Suryopasanege Meesalada Habba), Prajavani, 1962

61. "Independent India and A New World Order" (1942) by Y. G. Krishnamurti, foreword by S. Srikanta Sastri

62. The Glories of Karnataka-The United Karnataka

63. Karnataka in Indian Culture-Deccan Herald-June 2, 1955

64. Evolution of the Gandabherunda-Journal QJMS

65. Mimetic Arts in Mysore-Mysore Dasara Exhibition Official book, Vol 31 (3-4), 1941

66. Historical Vicissitudes of Bellary-"Welcome Bellary Souvenir" 1st October, 1953

67. Some forgotten sanskrit poets of Karnataka - Silver Jubilee No., Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental

      Research Institute, Poona Vol XXIII, 1942

68. Capitulation of Chitradurga-QJMS 1927, Vol 18-2 (1927)

69. Karnataka Goddess of courage - Kittur Rani Chennamma - Deccan Herald 

70. The Vitthala Temple at Hampi - QJMS, Vol XXXI, No 2, Oct 1940

71. Karnataka in Legend and History-Deccan Herald-1956

72. Kathana's Rajatarangani-Uttara Pradesh, Jan 1962

73. Sri Samkara in Cambodia ?-The Indian Historical Quarterly, Vol XVIII, 1942, Calcutta

74.  Oswald Spengler on Indian Culture - The New Era, March 1929

75.  Fortification in India in olden times - Uttara Pradesh, Vol.XIX July, 1961

76.  Indian Music - Souvenir in honour of visit to Mysore of Soviet Cultural Delegation, February 1954 

77.  The Art of Eating - The Hindu Illustrated Weekly, April 19, 1936

78.  Methods of Teaching - April 2, 1935

79.  Mulakas (Origins of Mulukanadu Sect)- QJMS, Vol.XXI, No. 1

80.  The Archaelogicial importance of Nanjanagud (Garalapuri) - 12 July, 1971

81.  "India - Original Home of the Aryans" (1951) published in “History and Culture of Indian People”  

82.  "Succession of Shankaracharyas" (A Chronology) by S. Srikanta Sastri

83.  Preface by S. Srikanta Sastri to Motaganahalli Ramashesha Sastri's Kannada translation of "Sri

      Bhagavata Mahapurana" (1932)

84.  Preface by S. Srikanta Sastri to Ta. Ra. Su.'s novel "Nrupatunga" 

85.  The Date of Sridharacharya, The Jaina Antiquary, Vol XIII, January 1948

86.  Kannada literature from 16 - 19th Century A.D., The History & Culture of the Indian People, Vol 7, 8 & 10.

87.  The Glories of Karnataka - published in The United Karnataka - Dr S. Srikanta Sastri

88.  'Campanology in India: Bell Ringing, An Aid to Worship' - The Hindu: Illustrated Weekly, Sep. 1935

89.  'History of Karnataka' (Kannada: 'Kannada Nadina Charithre') - "Mysuru Rajya" Nov 1, 1956

90.  'Symbolism of Swastika' (Kannada: 'Sarvavyapthiyada Swastika Lanchana') - Prajavaani - April 1963

91.  'Culture and Liberty' (Kannada: 'Samskruthi mathu Swatantrya') - Unpublished 1954

92.  'Harappa - Mohenjodaro' (Kannada: 'Harappa - Mohenjodaro') - Bharathiya Samskruthi Darshana 1962

93.  'Pundit Nehru as a Historian' by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri

94.  'Karnataka Music: The Story of its Evolution' by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri - The Hindu (1950s)

95.  'P. V. Kane - A Biography' (Kannada: P. V. Kane) - Prajamatha 1963

96.  'Nolamba Pallavas' by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri

97.  'Karnataka Bhashabhyudaya' by S. Srikanta Sastri - Suvasini Kannada Periodical (Aug, 1926)


                                                                 -- BOOK REVIEWS --

98.  The Lord's Science of Eternal Religion (Shashvata Dharma in Bhagavadgita) by Magadal Ramachandra

99.  The concept of Maya by P.D.Devanandan, Deccan Herald

100.  Early Gangas of Talakad - reviewed by J.D.M. Derrett - Journal of Royal Asiatic Society of GB & Ireland.

101.  A (muddled ?) history of South India - review of "A History of South India"-K.A.Nilakanta Sastri, DH (1955)

102.  The History of Indian Culture by Dr R.C.Majumdar - Deccan Herald 02.10.1955

103.  The Basic beliefs of Hinduism Ed., by Kenneth W.Morgan. Y.M.C.A publishing house, Calcutta. DH.

104.  Women saints of East and West Foreword by Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit - Introduction by Kenneth Walker,  

        Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, London - Deccan Herald, 01.08.1956

105.  Indian Culture and Heritage - QJMS - Culture and Heritage number, DH - 26.01.1957

106.  The Hoysalas by J.Duncan.M.Derrett - Deccan Herald - 19.06.1960

107.  Sri Krishna Katha Vipanchi" by Sri B.Rama Kavi - Introduction by Dr S.Srikanta Sastri                                                                                                              





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