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S. R. Ramaswamy

S. R. Ramaswamy




























British India


Bangalore High School, Bangalore


The National College, Bangalore


Honorary Chief Editor, "Utthana" - Kannada Monthly


"Mahabharata Belavanige"


"Shatamanada Tiruvinalli Bharata"

and many more



"Kannada Sahitya Akadami Prashasthi"


"Karnataka Rajyothsava Award"


"Honoris Causa Doctorate - D.Litt" from KSOU


S. R. Ramaswamy


D. V. Gundappa and Sethuram

Offical Facebook Page - S. R. ramaswamy Official Google+ Page - S. R. Ramaswamy S. R. Ramaswamy - Secretary - Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs S. R. Ramaswamy - Kannada Gnana Ayoga Member

S. R. Ramaswamy additionally holds the position of Secretary at the prestigious "Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs" (GIPA), Bangalore - an independent, non-party and non communal organization endeavouring to serve as a center for education of the public for democratic citizenship. GIPA seeks to co-operate with, and seeks co-operation from the Government and all public institutions in the country for the greater good. Founded by D. V. Gundappa and steered in it's early years by retired Chief Justice of Karnataka Nittur Sreenivasa rao, it is now being ushered into the new century under the able leadership of S. R. Ramaswamy.






M. B. Singh (Editor of Sudha), S. R. Ramaswamy, G. K. Satya (Illustrator)

He has accomplished the most commendable task of organising four programmes a month, 12 months in a row about a year in advance - indeed a testament to his organisational and administrative acumen.


An avid reader of English classics and best-sellers, S. R. Ramaswamy's personal library of books would have numbered close to 50,000 had it not been for his philanthropic nature of giving away many a book to friends and relatives alike. His jovial disposition is still remembered and cherished at the offices of Kannada weekly "Sudha" where he was Chief Sub-Editor for many years. It is said that Ramaswamy would without fail entertain his colleagues everyday to a joke or two at India Coffee House. In his private moments, even to this day he remains a very good raconteur of jokes and anecdotes from his vast collection.


Driven by the ideal of "simple living and high thinking", S. R. Ramaswamy is very much a self made man. Devoid of a University education, he has amassed a vast repertoire of knowledge by sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance. His proficiency in the arts and his keen acumen involved in his writing bear testament to his genius. A stickler to principles and high ideals, S. R. Ramaswamy has on numerous occassions turned down invitations to visit foreign countries. Despite an United Nations invitation to a Global Environmental Summit (at Rio) in the 1990s, he declined it on grounds of an unwillingness to leave the country.


"Kelavu Itihasa Parvagalu" by S. R. Ramaswamy

"Kelavu Itihasa Parvagalu"

(Few sagas from history)


S. R. Ramaswamy

Author of several memorable works such as "Kolminchu" a biography of Subhash Chandra Bose, a biography of "B. R. Ambedkar" and "In the woods of Globalisation" among others, he has even translated many a book into Kannada. His biography of "B. R. Ambedkar" has been translated into numerous Indian languages. His work in 1989 on the economic, social and ideological realities at turn of the century titled "Shatamanada Tiruvinalli Bharata" was accorded the prestigious "Kannada Sahitya Akademi Award". He has received twice the "Canara Bank Award" for his articles on "Life of Soliga Tribals" (1983) and "State of Land Reforms" (1984). He has also received the "Aryabhata Award" for Journalism in 2006 and the "Karnataka Rajyotsava Award" for his contribution to Literature in 2008. Recently, he was awarded the "Mythic Society Centenary Award for Scholastic Achievments" in 2009.


S. R. Ramaswamy receiving the D. Litt from Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)

S. R. Ramaswamy receiving the D. Litt from Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)

The Karnataka Madhyama Academy awarded S. R. Ramaswamy "Person of the year" for five decades of service to journalism in 2011. The Karnataka State Open University conferred upon S. R. Ramaswamy a Honorary Doctorate "D. Litt" for lifetime contribution to literature and journalism in 2011. (pictured)


Here is a short list of his works: -


1.  "Mahabharata Belavanige" (1972)

2.  "Svetoslav Roerich" (Ed.) (1974)

3.  "D. V. G. - a biography" (1976)

4.  "Udaya Shankar" - a biography (1979)

5.  "Sripad Damodar Satwalekar" - a biography (1980)

6.  "Aravinda" - Pt. Seshadri Gawai Felicitation Voulme (Ed.) (1985)

7.  "Samaja-Chikitsaka Ambedkar" - biography co-authored with Chandrashekhar Bhandary (1990)

8.  "In The Woods of Globalisation" (1995)

9.  "Swadeshi Jagruti" (1994)

10."Swadeshi: Ondu Samvada" (1994)


S. R. Ramaswamy has remained a bachelor dedicating his time extensively to writing, reading, editing and delivering lectures. He resides at Bangalore, India.

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