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"The Date of Sridharacharya" (1948) by S. Srikanta Sastri



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Published in

The Jaina Antiquary,


January 1948


"The Date of Sridharacharya" 





S. Srikanta Sastri

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The Jaina Antiquary


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                    The Date of Sridharacharya



                                             S. Srikanta Sastri

                        (Published in The Jaina Antiquary, Vol XIII, January 1948)



In the Bhaskara(1) (Bhaga XIV, Kirana I) Pandit Nemicandra Jain Sastri has attempted to prove that Sridharacharya, the author of Jataka Tilaka in Kannada has also written Lilavati and in Sanskrt Jyotirjnana Vidhi or Srikkarana besides Ganita Sara or Trimsatika (edited by Sudhakar Dvivedi), and that Sridharacharya is earlier than Mahaviracarya, the guru of Amoghavarsa Nrpatunga. It is said that in the Jyotirjnana Vidhi S. 720 I is taken as the Karana year and hence Sridharacharya must be assigned to 799 A.D.; a little before Mahavira and Nrpatunga. It is further asserted this Sridharacharya is identical with the one mentioned in the guru parampara given in Vardhamanas Dasabhaktyadi Mahasastra and later Sridhara called a pandita by Vardhamana is the author of Jaya Kumara Carita. the date given in the History of Kannada Literature(2) is dismissed as merely conjectural and based on language only.


I have shown from the evidence of the manuscripts catalogued in Madras that the date of Sridharacharya’s Jataka Tilaka as given by Mr. Narasimhacharya is approximately correct(3). I have given the full verse mentioning the date which is as follows:


Dharani giri nidhi (971) Sakabdam Virodhi vatsarada Margasirada Sukletara caturthi divasada guru pujya dolesedudu liege Jatakatilakam.



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(3) Sources of Karnataka History. I. p. 173.

"The Date of Sridharacharya" (1948) by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri

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Jaina art depicting Mahavira

"The Date of Sridharacharya" by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri (January, 1948) The Jaina Antiquary Jaina art depicting Mahavira