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dr. s. srikanta sastri by dr. b. r. gopal

'Dr. S. Srikanta Sastri' by Dr B. R. Gopal (Historiography of Karnataka)

I consider myself fortunate for having been invited by the Mythic Society to present a paper on the contributions of Dr. S. Srikanta Sastri to research in Karnataka History & Culture. I have had the fortune of sitting at his feet to learn for more than five years from 1949 onwards. I joined the History Honours class in 1949 when I met for the first time Dr. S. Srikanta Sastri. I may be excused for a personal note with which I am starting this paper, for the impact of his personality upon me is something that could only be experienced and not easily expressed. When he first engaged the class he was unimpressive. Amidst the well-dressed teaching faculty of the Maharaja's College he was the most unkempt, if I could say so, with the trouser almost dangling, a loose coat uncared for, thick spectacles covering the troubling eyes and seemingly unsocial. Often he would rush into the class with even a lungi. He never missed a class. Once or twice, we, for some reason or the other, took a holiday but the next day we could find him commence his lecture on a fresh topic with a preface that the earlier topic had been covered by him in the previous class which had not been attended by us en masse, but attended only by him and he would take it a lecture delivered, what if the students were not there! This made us take care that we would not miss his class.

He was adept in teaching any subject, but Indian History & Culture were nearer his heart. I could humbly say that I was one of those who had the privilege of going to his house and get doubts, clarified. I had once to face a very bitter

Reminiscences by Dr B. R. Gopal of his mentor Dr S. Srikanta Sastri in 'Historiography of Karnataka' (English).


Maharaja College, Mysore

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